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As usual, Lorraine gets it just right with an affordable, interactive community that moves with these fast-paced times. Spirit of 608 and now PressDope have been my little secret, and now you know it too."

Camilla Olson, CEO, Savitude

Watch the DIY PR Masterclass for Ethical Fashion Brands to Learn:


    This year is an exciting, crucial growth year for FEST brands -- with ethical fashion on track to grow more than 10% by 2023 to reach $8.3B.


    We'll look at why that means now is the ideal time for your brand to get visible and grow.  


    Learn the super common, but easily avoidable mistakes that so many ethical fashion brands make when they set out to DIY PR. 


    Use this training to get ahead without the setbacks and create visibility starting as soon as today.


    In this jam-packed training, you'll learn exactly what you need to get started creating a pro DIY PR strategy for your brand so you can build the growth, impact and visibility you want and deserve for your business with step-by-step, actionable expert advice.


    We'll teach you the tried-and-true strategies we use to score press and media coverage for our clients and our own business without sending a single cold pitch email. 


    This is DIY PR that's creative and works.

"As a female founder of an ethical fashion brand, preparing for our launch and the aftermath was overwhelming. I decided to consult with Lorraine of The Spirit of 608 to create a Marketing/PR plan for my brand, SixChel, and could not have been more pleased with the decision. Lorraine guided me to find the right media outlets, bloggers and create the best content for us. Not only was she able to assist in creating our story and writing pitches, Lorraine was also able to give the best tips on how to present myself for TV appearances and national magazine interviews. On a personal level, I feel absolutely comfortable working with Lorraine and we have been able to keep a three-year, virtual relationship strong. I owe so much of SixChel’s PR success to partnering with Lorraine and The Spirit of 608 and look forward to what we can achieve in the future.”


I'm Lorraine

And I help fashion brands with a mission get visible.

I spent more than a decade writing hundreds of articles on fashion and ecommerce startups for top publications (WWD, FastCompany, San Francisco Chronicle + more) before moving on to working with startup founders and producing 230+ episodes of the Spirit of 608 podcast featuring interviews with leaders at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST).


When it comes to media, I'm not only the exact person so many brands spend countless hours and thousands of dollars per month trying to reach -- and fail -- but I'm also deeply committed to helping brands in FEST  get visible.   


Why? Because years of covering the industry led me to believe that the best way forward for fashion, for the workers who make our clothes, for consumers and for the planet is for more businesses in FEST to not only exist but thrive -- and, eventually, go from the exception to the norm. 


I'm here to help you create a media strategy that's just your style so you can grow your business, create more impact and get visible.

"Thanks to the awesome leads Lorraine helps us find, I just had an interview published. I'm doing my own social media blitz with it tomorrow, but wanted to share here first! Thanks Lorraine for everything you're doing to help us cultivate our press opportunities!!"


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